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DagonIT websites can set your business apart. Not only can our designs be customized to fit your vision, but they can be equipped with advanced features such as secure login, ecommerce functionality, social media integration and more. All of our sites are SEO-ready, so you have the power to increase your visibility on search engines. Monthly maintenance programs and training on how to maintain your own website are available.

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Keeping Your Business Going

We can provide a host of IT services to help expand your business.

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Putting Your Best Foot Forward

We provide a variety of media services from video production to graphic design.

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About Us

We Come From Good Stock

As a division of The Flyfisher Group, DagonIT is part of a rich fishing heritage. Because of these origins, the name of an ancient god of fishing was adapted to reflect the technology and media side of The Flyfisher Group's interests. It grew quickly as the market showed a great need for competent IT support, fully-responsive web design and quality photos and media. Comprised of several talented professionals, DagonIT's value truly lies in the people it employs. From our seasoned programmer, to our innovative system administrator to our versatile web designer, DagonIT knows the technology that run today's business market.

Our Collaboration With Lateral Line Media

Partnering with DagonIT on professional videography and video editing, Lateral Line Media is an excellent asset to the team. You can learn more about their services by visiting their website here.

A half-man, half-fish Philistine deity that symbolized plenty; he was later adopted by maritime Canaanites and Phoenicians as their god of fishing.

American slang; expression or word that denotes a certain degree of tenacity and dedication to excellence.
"It's gonna work, Dagonit!"

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